Trimaran Tour

The dolphin watching tour around the coast of Quepos and Manuel Antonio can be enjoyed from on board one of our vessels.

Our daily goal is to have the satisfaction of knowing that our clients are extremely happy and grateful for experiencing an unforgettable day, enjoying the coast and beauty of the Pacific Ocean. We hope to leave our clients with lasting memories of an exceptional day.

Tour begins from when the shuttle service picks up our guests from their hotel. Our vehicles, which are equipped with air conditioning, transport our guests to the Quepos Wharf. Waiting at the wharf to receive the guests is the Head Guide, who will accompany them throughout the journey. The Guide welcomes the clients aboard and explains details about the trip, plus safety ground rules during their stay in our sailboat.

The captain directs the vessel for the surrounding coast, while the guides are responsible for ensuring a pleasant stay, providing clients with information about the route or aquatic life and answering any questions. Also, during the whole journey, guides will offer natural drinks, soda, water and beer. During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to see dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles and migrating whales. From the boat, major islands in the area may be viewed including Olocuita and Isla Verde, which was once used by the native Quepoa Indians as a cemetery, many years ago.

You will also visit Punta Quepos and Punta Catedral, the latter being located on the coast of Manuel Antonio National Park. As the Captain loosens the sails and allows the calm winds to direct the boat, you will arrive at Playa Puerto Escondido.

After enjoying the different islands we continue sailing to the coast of a beautiful beach called Bizans, where our passengers will be provided with appropriate equipment for snorkelling. On average, you may encounter 45 different species of fish

Pick up: Quepos and Manuel Antonio hotels.