Cerro de la Muerte

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Cerro de la Muerte

High, cold and mystic mountains will transport you with your imagination to the dwarves and leprechauns forests. Extensive oak groves that reach the sky among the mist and goes side to side with the sub-paramo forest, exclusive forest of these high areas of Central America. Trout fishing, hiking, horseback riding and the chance to watch the adored by the indigenous people, the Quetzal.

Cerro de la Muerte

Why should one visit Cerro de la Muerte?

Costa Rica is crossed by the Cordillera of the Fire that goes from North until South, of the Americas. Costa Rica is a natural bridge between the Americas; as well the Inter-American road links not only the center with the south of the country but also the center with the South of America. The Cerro de la Muerte is a group of mountains part of a National park. In this place this road reaches the highest altitude of any other road in the country. The National Park is called Tapantí and the section is called the Macizo de la Muerte which means Mount of the Death.

These mounts are relatively cold and permit the growth of very exuberant forests and wildlife. It is also contiguous to the Forestry Reserve of Los Santos. In this area are located the last natural Oak groves (Querqus sp.) of Central America and furthermore one of the last best spots to watch the Quetzal and other birds of prey.


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